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Medical Billing Services

Each billing agreement is individually negotiated to meet the client’s specific needs. All agreements include:

Electronic and Paper HCFA billing

Claims are billed electronically, whenever possible, as this is the most efficient process. However, we still bill paper claims, if needed, to recover your monies.

Payment Posting

It is vital to properly credit insurance and patient payments to keep your practice in compliance.

Follow Up

Many claims, even when billed properly, can be delayed. We provide follow up on all filed claims that remain unresolved after 60 days.

Patient Billing

Although we are not a collection agency, we do make a good faith effort to collect patient balances. The specific terms of this effort will be determined by your practice.

Additional Services

You may also choose to take advantage of the following:

Recovery Billing

Many of our clients sign on with us with large existing Accounts Receivables. In most cases, large numbers of these claims are still collectible. We will be happy to review your current A/R to negotiate a recovery-billing rate.

Computer Networking

It is crucial that the practice and the billing service networks are functional at all times. We can provide software and hardware support, based on your particular needs.


Proper coding is the responsibility of the physician providing services. However, MDBS has certified coders on staff to provide consultation and clarification.

Coding Audits

Our Certified Professional Coders can perform random sampling audits of your charts to ensure that your coding is in compliance with federal standards.

EMR Hosting

We will be happy to assist you with an EMR (Electronic Medical Records) system that is immediately compatible with our billing software.


In addition to initial training for your office staff, we regularly sponsor continuing education opportunities for our billers that are also available to your staff.

MD Consulting, LLC.

MD Consulting, LLC


If you are also interested in other services to support your practice, our parent company, MD Consulting, LLC, offers accounting and bookkeeping, payroll, and practice management services. Please visit http://www.mdconsultingky.com for more information.